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Major Label Record Deals vs Indie Label Record Deals

(Artist Management) It’s never easy for artists who’s looking for a record deal, and if someone has said it is… (HAS LIED TO WHOMEVER THEY TOLD THAT TO) finding the right deal with...

Market Your Music

(Marketing) When it comes to music marketing, at the top of the list of concerns is music. Musicians want people to buy and listen to their music. Yes, you can make some money selling music online,...

Effective Steps For Online Music Marketing

(Marketing) After months on researching ways musicians can market their music online, I realized that It’s not easy to market your music online. First you have to understand the challenges of...

Artists: Be More Original

(Marketing) Feel free to get involved with your views on this subject in the comments… I’m sure you’ve heard people say something along the lines of “you need to be original as a...