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Get Your Brand And Business In Order

Get Your Brand And Business In Order

(Branding) Part of getting the attention of labels is building a brand that they think will appeal to an audience that will want to spend money on your music. This means having music that your fans will put on repeat, having a nice logo and album artwork that represents the contents of your album, and a strong social media and web presence.

Have awesome music

The music is the most important piece of the puzzle, it has to be mind blowing. Here’s how you can figure out if your music is where it needs to be, or if it still needs some work.

Get feedback

When you reach a point where you think your track is finished and ready to release, take a step back and get some feedback first.

You can get feedback from friends and family, sure, but they’re likely going to tell you what you want to hear so they don’t upset you.

Instead, send your music to people who are going to be very critical of your work and whose opinions you value. This can be people you may know who work in the music industry, more established musicians, or super-fans within your niche.

You can even post your music to various Facebook groups or on Reddit asking for constructive feedback.

Not everything people say about your music will be true, so make sure you have a good number of people giving feedback so you can pay attention to common reactions and adjust your sound accordingly.

When people give you criticism, be careful about getting too defensive – this can turn people off from giving a completely honest opinion.

Make sure it sounds professional

Once you’ve gathered feedback and perfected the core of your track, it’s time to polish it up to give it a professional sound through proper mixing and mastering.

Producing your music yourself or having a friend help you with it is definitely less pricey, but often times this can cost you when it comes to quality. Having a properly mixed and mastered track puts your music’s quality at a level that lets you compete with major artists, so it’s important to get this right. Unless you have a great amount of experience in recording, I recommend hiring a professional producer to help you with this.


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