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Market Your Music

Market Your Music

(Marketing) When it comes to music marketing, at the top of the list of concerns is music. Musicians want people to buy and listen to their music. Yes, you can make some money selling music online, but the merchandise is where the real income can be found.

Market your merchandise. You can do this by letting your subscribers know about your new merchandise page on your website. You can also send out social media posts when you add new items to your merchandise selection.

Depending on the size of your fan base, you could also use Facebook ads to help attract more business. Though, the conversion rates for these ads will be lower than usual, as you’re selling niche products with limited mass appeal.

Start coming up with ideas for your merchandise. Remember to ask your fans and check out other musician’s websites. Determine how you’re going to produce the merchandise and ship to customers. Also, set a reasonable price point that actually makes you money.

In the end, merchandising is an important part of having a successful music career. If you don’t already have merchandise on your site, then now is the time to start creating your merch.


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